About Casino Comparer

I started Casino Comparer because I felt that there was a gap in the market for a decent and easy-to-use online casino comparison engine. Bringing in a friend of mine, between us we also have the playing knowledge to create and maintain the database that sits behind the Casino Comparer search engine.

The upshot of our combined technical background and experience playing casino games (mainly live dealer games, slots and video poker) online is the Casino Comparer site and it's soon-to-be companion Live Casino Comparer. The aim is to make it really easy to compare online casinos in a way which is informative and comfortable and if it doesn't, or of you think it could be improved, then I'd love to hear from you as to how I could improve the experience.


Casino Comparer is powered by a series of datasets that bring together a wealth of information from the online casinos that are most prominent on the web. These datasets include: bonus information, banking details, ownership and licensing info, software and customer service levels.

In addition to the comparisons you see using the data I've collected together, I have also logged - to the best of my ability - the countries that a casino accepts or rejects play from. This is factored into the comparison engine search results but can be turned on or off at any time.

I appreciate that everyone has a different idea of what makes a good comparison engine and being a developer, I've decided to create 3 ways of displaying the data and a bunch of "presets" to save you time. You can use "Tab View", "Grid View" (my personal favorite) or "List View" on any set of comparison results as you prefer.

Regarding the presets, these group online casinos into specific categories. For example, if you want all the casinos that licence Novomatic games, check out the Novomatic casinos preset of if you prefer Aristocrat, the Aristocrat casinos preset, etc. There are also lists of casinos with dedicated online-only games - the Playtech casinos and Microgaming casinos being the prime examples - of which there are many!

I've also collated a few lists of casinos that might be useful and save some searching or sorting. The most useful of these is probably my list of the top rated online casinos according to how they are ranked on the Casino Comparer website. Additionally, I have put together a preset list of the best known online casinos which compares the big brands.


Obviously, with so much data required to power the comparison engine, I am reliant on being fed correct details when things change. Although me and my partner-in-crime play a lot of these casinos pretty regularly, it's almost impossible to get everything right all the time.

Players that use Casino Comparer and the casinos themselves to whom I affiliate often supply me with updated data which one of us does our best to check before implementing. If you play any of the casinos listed on the site and think some information needs updating, please let me know and I'll check it out.

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